Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What to do when a loved one has disappointed you?

Kristy: Well., this can be a tough one for sure. The first thing that I do is take a deep breath. Yes I know it sounds like I’m preparing you for your next yoga class. But seriously a good deep breath allows you to focus on the words you desire to say as oppose to the emotions and unkind phrases that you want to hurl at whomever “ dared “ to disappoint you. Ask yourself…” Who have I disappointed, and how did that make them feel ?

Melissa: Interesting…always thinking about the other person helps me to put it into perspective, but I honestly have to work through a process. I also remember I disappoint as well. I, literally have to ask the Lord to help me. I have been disappointed A LOT in my life & I have learned that I can’t put my hope in people or expect them to do what I think that they should do. God is the only one who doesn’t lie or change. I know it’s cliché, but it’s soo true! I know we are human, we make mistakes & we have the best intentions but like I said, I have learned….”In God I trust everyone else…well….”

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