Monday, August 30, 2010


Sister Kristy: When somebody dies it takes a toll on you. When you thought that person still had time with you. Unexpected death is hard to handle, no warnings or signals to interpret. Or maybe there were signs there that you chose to ignore…..like many trips to the doctor or emergency room. But they always left with a clean bill of health, only to lose the fight shortly thereafter. One thing I have come to know is that all of this could be made worse without the support of others. No support from those closest to you. No well wishes. Just comments about how you should have or could have seen death approaching. When you share your heart with a loved one no matter how sick they are or how near to death they are…..you don’t ever want to believe that they are slipping away. No matter how many “signs” comes your way. No matter how many “he or she lived a good life” you get. In the end none of it helps.

Crying, fading memories of your life together all take place immediately. Supporting you ……sheltering you…..you who carried me through boyfriends, states, heartache, and homelessness….solid as a rock you were to me. I’ll miss the gift you were to me. Gone you are to me. Cherished you will be to me. Love you always. My baby……..      ©2010 Kristy Magazine

Sister Melissa: Dealing with death is hard no matter how old you are. There are no special ways to deal with death even though it’s a natural part of our life. The only advice that I can offer is knowing yourself help you to deal with death and how you handle it, but know that everyone deals with this differently. It helps to know the person that you are dealing with because then you can better serve their needs. When someone loses someone, especially unexpectantly, remember you are there to serve them to the best of your ability but according to what THEY need, not what you think is best.  Be sensitive to them just as you would want someone to be sensitive and conscious of you and your loss. Words sometimes are not enough. Sometimes the language of silence speaks volumes, or your presence brings them comfort that says enough.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Sister Kristy: This is quite a loaded question... Well there are many schools of thought on this issue. Sometimes I am all for having sex, because it's what my body wants, while other times I see the wisdom of withholding.  Sex can be an intense emotional roller coaster.  One should consider the consequences of having sex.  What would be the end result of giving it up? …. a call back…a cold shoulder…..or commitment?  How would you deal with a cold shoulder or no returned phone call?  Are you ready for a commitment?  You know the kind that you would have to carry for nine months and in eighteen years send off to college?

Sister Melissa: Interesting....even the title.  I understand that once you have sex it's hard to fight the temptation NOT to have it.  The bottom line is this: Your beliefs, Your morals, Your faith.  It's your respect for & of yourself.  We all know or have some knowledge of  "we are to wait until we get married." People can preach all day long but it becomes your responsibility of you.  Naturally, sex has alot of consequences emotionally & physically...Spiritually, it ties you to the one you give yourself to & ALL the other people they have given themselves to.  Spiritually, the consequences are soo much more detrimental to your health, wealth... your LIFE!   

Friday, August 6, 2010


KRISTY: Today I would like to discuss debt. Mainly because it woke me at 5:48 am. When I opened my eyes this morning, I didn’t think about walking the dog, making breakfast, or working out. NO, my focus was how much money I owed others. How sad is that. I feel like a slave or at least an indentured servant. Indentured servant fits best since I am working to pay off these debts. But ten years later has not produced a debt free woman. For years I have heard that “the borrower is slave to the lender “ Where did I come across this information. Only the best selling book of all time….The Bible. The sad thing is I’m just starting to believe it. I feel like it is a weight that can’t be shaken off. Like a bad decision (student loans) gone terribly wrong. Will I be rescued from this financial hell? And if so rescued by whom? a high salary job, an entrepreneur leap of faith, a billionaire trying to right his wrongs ? I don’t know. What I do know is that I want this to be the last morning I wake up with prison chains wrapped around my mind……

MELISSA: You know sis....I'm just gonna let this marinate.  I'll come back because there is too much to say about this.  We are at 2 different places in life...so when I speak I want to give some suggestions.  I'll be back....